Dust Ring Confirmed Near Venus Orbit


Interplanetary dust or the Cosmic dust has occupied space in the solar system. Studies are still being conducted in order to understand the nature, origin and its relationship to larger bodies in space. However, one thing is confirmed that a planet’s gravity is acting on the cosmic dust by pulling it into its orbit forming a ring of dust around itself.

Earth too has been travelling in the ring of dust, a discovery that was made twenty years ago. Since then space scientists have been working upon gathering the information of ring of dust around other planets. For instance, the then space exploration mission by Soviet Union suggested a ring around Venus’s path but due of weak evidences the researchers were unable to prove its existence.

Lately, space scientists have developed a model, which they believed was based on dust ring in Venus’s path. When the mock-up was compared with the information gather by NASA’s probes, they discovered that dust ring around Venus has two steps – one being outside the orbit and other being inside of it.

Density of dust ring is the main huddle, which the scientists have to cross through plus, its immensity makes it difficult for a view from the vantage point. Another equally important complexity is the nature of dust particles that are constantly being replenished, as the individual particles are moving towards the sun.

By studying these dust rings, researchers plan is to get into the depths of exoplanets, since, these dust rings cause hindrance to the signals emanating from the exoplanet. And keeping the view of the current scenario, they believe this is the only way of gathering the information.

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