Mars One Aims To Develop Human Habitat On The Red Planet

Mars One Mission

Humans are always curious about universe, whether there is life like us on any other planet or whether can we thrive on any other planets, both interests us equally. Till now visit to outer space for few months has been achieved, but nobody so far has thought of living on one such planet permanently. In one such mission, Mars One is planning to send selected individuals by 2023 on the red planet Mars (with no return voyage) to become the first ever persons to settle down permanently. 

Netherlands based Mars One aims to build a habitable station on Mars for permanent human dwellings. For the extraordinary mission they received entries from 200,000 applicants willing to be the part of the mission. Out of chosen 1058 applicants from 107 various countries, 297 are from United States, 75 Canadians, 62 Indians and 52 from Russia. As per the group co-founder Bas Lansdorp the selection was done keeping in consideration that the selected one (above 18) should be physically and mentally proficient and taking the mission more passionately than others.

These 1058 candidates will now undergo rigorous simulation modules in 2014 and 2015, to test their physical and emotional caliber to cope up with isolation. The organizers is keen to know what is motivating and pushing these individuals to settle down on Mars. In the end, 24 strongest candidates will become the first ever-permanent occupants of Mars. The Mars One plans to send its first four teams of 6 occupants each in 2023 and hope to send more at an interval of every two years.

The fund required for the mission will be generated by reality-based show on TV displaying the selection procedure, training, life on the planet and other preparation about the mission. The right for the broadcasting is still under negotiation with the various media companies.

By 2018 Mars One is planning to send the robotic lander and satellite to Mars and has joined hands with Lockheed Martin Space Systems and The Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) to develop a successful communication system between the two planets.

To help get the first ever operation of its kind materialize, the group begun their first crowd-funding drive through the website Indiegogo.

There are many risks and challenges to be considered before the first manned spacecraft to Mars may take off and still there would be situations beyond Mars One control. Nevertheless it’s a new beginning and may be after successful attempt on Mars we may consider taking migration to other planets of the universe too.

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