Deception Point by Dan Brown and Narration by Richard Poe


Dan Brown knows how to glue readers to his book. His every book is full of surprises with unexpected outcomes and Deception Point is no exception. His description is often marked with vividness, which makes the readers see events than read things. And if the book happens to be an audio version well, then it’s a super awesome combination. Thanks to for giving me an opportunity to hear a book from one of my favorite authors across the genre of science fiction.

My idea of listening the audiobook during my 1000 km journey in car didn’t materialize and so I decided to devote time while am jogging or cooking likewise. But when I started listening it during an evening while jogging, I kept thinking about the subsequent scene during the next couple of hours, and this led me to start exercising/jogging for longer hours twice a day, that is, mornings and evenings.

I loved the Audiobook. Not only the plot was quite fascinating, it helped me well in my workouts too 🙂 Anyways, the audio quality is perfect. Right from the beginning till the end, Richard Poe narrated the events aloud with a sonorous and casual voice along with an engaging pace. What else could one ask for!

The book is saturated with thought-provoking questions, painstaking research for touching the realm of authenticity, abstruse scientific facts together integrated with gripping voice-over by Richard Poe, excellent work done. Highly recommended!

(Spoiler alert!)

Protagonist of the novel Rachel Sexton is a data analyst for NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) and happens to be the only daughter of a charismatic Presidential nominee Senator Sedgewick Sexton. However, the relationship between the two is not smooth. On a current mission, she is required to travel across the icy depths of the Arctic to authenticate the findings of NASA, which happens to be a meteorite found deep within the Milne Ice Shelf on Ellesmere Island.

Much of NASA’s reputation has been tarnished because of its recent failures and so this endorsement means a lot for the organization. As Senator Sexton is rhetorically condemning the government and accusing them of overspending than funding towards public schools.

Although Rachel is doubtful between the connection of the ongoing political strife and discovery, yet her current team member, Michael Tolland, a famous oceanographer, disqualifies her reservations. While the team, including Corky Marlinson, an astrophysicist, Norah Mangor, a glaciologist and Wailee Ming, a paleontologist, is conducting their research, Ming drowns in an attempt to take a deeper observation of the spot.

Simultaneously, we come to know that the government recommended squad is not alone rather a Delta Force Team is supervising it too and with an unknown commander. In the next sequence of events, the squad discovers Ming’s body within the water along with a sheet of ice beneath the meteorite. No sooner, they were trying to understand what’s happening to them, the hidden Delta Force Team open fires them thus killing Mangor and leaving the rest three to die on a floating ice sheet. Things start getting interesting here, Navy submarine then comes for their rescue, and finally they are drifted back towards the U.S. mainland.

Delta force team again attacks them when they are off the New Jersey coast on Tolland’s ship. Rachel thinks that NASA and the president are after their life and so she faxes her father about her apprehension. However, when they incapacitate a member of Delta Force team in self-defense, they discover that the truth is something else. Rachel father is the mastermind behind all the simultaneous events and his motive is to ruin NASA’s reputation for the sake of private corporations from the Space Frontier Foundation that is only aiming for profits from space exploration.

Near culmination, with the help of Gabrielle Ashe, Senator Sexton’s aide, Rachael completely turns the table against  Senator Sexton by swapping the envelopes, which he was about to publicize thinking it containing Rachael’s fax but to his surprise discovers the evidences of his extramarital affairs.

Deception Point is one of the best techno thriller book that I have read hear so far and the ending is far from obvious, remarkably done indeed. If one can’t control the excitement while reading, I would definitely recommend the audio version of it, I’m sure there won’t be a room for option called regret after hearing the audiobook.

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