Badmouthing Employers On Social Media: A Sign Of Harmony Imbalancement In Life


We are in a public space, internet or to be more specific, social media knows no such thing as ‘privacy’. ‘Groups’ as in Facebook or ‘circles’ as in Google Plus are nothing more than illusionary barriers which in the real sense are thwarting privacy. Levels of privacy are mirage, an illusionary fence of the social networks, a concept, which is very much clear with the Facebook account holders. If internet is a vast ocean then social networks are aquatic concorde jets, creating ripping effects while at the same time gliding at stupendous speed.

If used in a constructive manner, the social networks help tremendously in gaining momentum be it a brand or an individual profile. But of late, people have started using the aquatic concorde jets in mudslinging their ex-employers. Failing to achieve satiety by demeaning about the same in front of peers, acquaintances or colleagues some like to splash it all over internet as well.

Badmouthing employers or colleagues or anybody else over internet is not the right form of venting out the frustration. They forget the boomerang effect of karmic theory, the written/published words might bounce back later in life. Thanks to the indelible form of internet.

If one doesn’t like the work or thinks boss is too snobby just leave the damn job and look for better options as per the skill set, why waste time in gossiping and indulging in creating negative ambiance around oneself. And if by chance, one is fired, try looking for reasons. Is it the salary issues, market, harsh financial climate, tetchy relationships at work, unachievable targets, under performance, whatever it is one thing is sure, if one is hard working with an indefatigable spirit, ventures would find it equally difficult to letting the person go and if one has decided to leave, next job would be waiting round the corner, so why get dirty splashing mud all over the social media. On the contrary, badmouthing would lessen the probability of getting hired the subsequent time, after all, who’d like to hire someone, who has already made their presence felt over virtual networks by casting aspersions.

Why do people criticize others over social networks, is the question I’m trying to figure out. Is the sadistic thingy or does it help in lifting spirits or helps in healing, what exactly does it do anyway.

I believe casting aspersions on others is a sign of harmony imbalancement in one’s life. One then becomes a fountainhead of negative vibes, which leads to insecurity, and finally disturbs mental peace. And then these individuals look for happiness outside and expects everyone to help them. For instance, I have seen people asking questions on Quora and similar sites like, “What makes you happy in life?”, “How to criticise your boss without getting fired”, “I hate my job/work/manager/boss , Please help!” etc..

The answer does not lay outside, it resides within, practicing a simple maxim, which says respect yourself by respecting others, makes a huge difference. What’s the point of holding grudge or being judgmental, after all, one is not aware of others’ journey.

One of the most beautiful aspects of being human is an ability of creating new reality, so let’s stop strengthening and nourishing the old, painful veracity and look forward towards the sublime horizon, which is emanating the life’s positivity.


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