The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank


A personal diary it is and anybody reading it will be moved by the fears and day to day problems faced by the Franks. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is one of the most simple and meaningful book for people who want to learn the times and tides of WWII.

The book is written in the most simplistic style (since a teenager has formulated it) that as soon as one opens the first page, one feels connected with the social setting and the pain that the Jews were going through due to the Nazis. Horror, fear and empathy are what one feels while moving from one chapter to another. By the end of the book, tears are surely going to be welled up behind reader’s eyes.

At the beginning, Anne Frank talks about her family, friends and life and she is far away from the feeling of danger that is looming over their family. Her attitude towards her mother at the surface level is very much different from what she has in her heart, which makes her a lovable and a person with great depth. As the plot progresses, we notice how the li’l girl is also evolving in thoughts and perception towards life and understanding why people behave in certain manner. One thing that is quite remarkable in her character is the idea of believing that all people are good, it’s just that the circumstances are not favorable all the times, which makes them ‘bad’ otherwise.


As the diary advances, her fear also grows yet she dreams of living a life free of war and becoming a better person. Studying history and travelling places to see more of the world were the dreams that she was feeding herself with but instead she was callously slaughtered.

This is just one such story, the horrific times had butchered more such innumerable lives which surely have gone unaccountable. No one can stop feeling sorry for the poor girl, an epitome of innocence that was massacred.

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