The Pacific by Hugh Ambrose

the pacific

I am not an avid reader of WW books and so this happens to be my second book first being War of Nerves by Jonathan B Tucker. The latter was based on chemical warfare from WWI to Al-Qaeda. The Pacific delves into the literature of WWII, starting from Pearl Harbor. Initially, I thought reading a war book won’t be that interesting that watching the movies but Ambrose proved me wrong. Majestically he illuminated the harrowing incidents of war and American history in front of my eyes.

The work is merged with fiction and supported by historical facts. The Pacific weaves thread of lives of five different individuals serving in different parts of defense services. And their individual account at the Pacific rim. Separate narratives are so vividly described that there’s hardly any room for discrepancy.

It beautifully captures the feelings and lives of individual Marines during the rough phase. Very deftly, the author has been able to touch the poignant and controversial events like pre-war planning of General MacArther and faulty designs of Navy carrier aircraft through the characters’ conversation.

It surfaces the flaws behind the battle for Pelilu, where numerous Marines lost their lives only to seize an airfield, which was actually not required in the larger game. The incident depicted the strict adherence to laws or the inflexibility of deviating from the plan, which was initiated with respect to prior situation.

Giving the touch of an autobiographical element, The Pacific satiated my desire of learning about the WWII. Though I haven’t read much of war books (as I have mentioned before) but I am confident that this book would steal the show for many.

After reading this book, I am getting in love with patriotic books as well. Now I’d have dedicated space in my book shelf for such beautiful and breathtaking work of awe. An amazing tribute to one of the finest Amphibious forces in the world, recommended to people who want to experience the obvious turmoil and the thrill.

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