Xodus by K.J. McPike

XODUS new cover

Xodus is KJ McPike’s debut novel that falls into YA Sci-Fi Fantasy genre. The book is an engaging piece that revolves around a sixteen-year-old protagonist, Xitlali, who happens to discover her ability of astral projecting. Xitlali is already upset with her mother’s sudden disappearance and the discovery of outside body experience further adds fuel to her emotional disturbance. Even though she tries to convince her dad of her ‘special ability’, she becomes exasperated when he dismisses it to nothing but a state of restless mind.

Xitlali is still struggling to comprehend the strange ability when she confronts mysterious hero, Kai. He helps her in understanding and maneuvering the newly discovered powers. But there is something about him that makes her feel doubting him all the time. Yet she tries to balance her doubts by considering the fact that he is the only one who shares and understands her astral projecting ability. And who has acknowledged to help her in finding her lost mother.

Xodus hooked me from the very first chapter. It gave a three sixty-degree preview on family, friendship, evil governance, love, trust and forgiveness. The book is also sodden with many interesting elements in it for instance, it talks about Astralli and Semmies, human like species that can astral project. Different forms of astral projecting too is quite fascinating like, invisible projection, reading minds, permeating, moving between realms and so on.

Xitlali’s quest to find her mother in between realms is the motif of the entire sci-fi novel, which surely is very well constructed. The plot moves with a fast pace not to miss the names of the characters too are of great significance – Xitali, Oxanna, Dixon, Ulyxses, Salaxia, Xiomara, Kala. Initially I faced slight confusion but it was rectified by the time I touched the second half of the plot. I’d also like to add, the pronunciation guide is of great help, it deserves special thanks.

Landscape of the other realm, Alea too is quite fantastical. The description is so beautifully done that while I was reading the events of things were actually projecting in front of me, as if I’m watching a movie.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with K.J. McPike’s writing style. As mentioned earlier, the plot is very well crafted with realistic characters woven with a well thought out story. Although YA is not what I generally prefer but this one is an exception and am quite positive am gonna like the other book in the series too. Can’t wait for the next awesome piece from McPike’s vault.

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