Building Products with Conviction than for Profit Making: Creating Legacy


I have always been curious to know the one thing that led to Apple’s meteoric success, which today is 710 billion and counting. Couple of months back I read Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and the same thing kept haunting me for quite a long time. Of course, there were some stereotypical answers like – he pioneered products with cutting-edge technology, innovation, market maturity for the products etcetera. Yet I was unsatisfied, there must be something more, something that might have resulted in these obvious repercussions.

There were contemporary market players who were structurally more robust and equally or rather much more qualified. Yet Apple was different.


Maybe it was the case of inspiring the core team. But how does this inspiration come from, I mean, do they read common books, attend same lectures, have the same work frequency since majority of them were college dropouts, or maybe, friendship has got to do with it. Period.

Belief in themselves as a team

Eventually, it struck me that the team held a ‘mutual aspiration’ that was, creating something which has an ability of denting the universe. Profit by means of money was not the priority for these craftsmen. Rather they thought of immersing themselves in something that they were totally in love with.


It’s not just Apple but could happen with any firm which has an idea or a concept or anything that has got to do with a belief in themselves as a team. The element of believing oneself (as a team) leads to developing product with the same level of conviction. The aim is not to earn profit from people who need services but to do business with people who are not part of the team yet believe in what the team believes. This precept however, directly co-insides with consumers buying decision as well. After all, such team would offer people the products what they believe in rather than selling just for the heck of it.

Passion for creating than selling

Besides other things, like innovation and technology, this was the main factor, which kept the team Apple going high and gave them enough strength to bounce back during the odd days.


Thinking on the same line of thought, I feel people who have an affinity towards loving their products not for the sake of money but for the value or service that it is going to deliver along with a strong sense of conviction right from its infancy end up creating the need of product in the market. These set of people are antithetical to automatons, who work only to get the paychecks or to build up currency. Eventually, the products built from the deep-seated conviction leads to creating legacy, the pathway that many tries to travel but only concretized by a few.

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