Gamification: Understanding The Very Aspect Of Life & Work


Gamification is one of the most innovative strategies in getting insights for any organization. It also happens to be the most predominant approach across networking sites for creating a stream of dedicated user base.

If we talk about it at an enterprise level, we find this phenomenon of using game elements in non-game contexts has been a lucrative offer for both the management as well as employees. The same process can be used effectively in dealing with outside segment that is the customer and the clients and the inner circle, which happens to be the employees. Within a business segment, the gaming element has given a push to the internal crowd sourcing activities along with higher productivity from employees.

Gamification is helping employees in better understanding of their caliber and work force. With the introduction of gaming element into the work life, the attitude towards work pressure is morphing into a go-getter approach. This change in behavior towards work is making life hassle free, simpler and focus oriented.

Gaming Element: Willingness To Do Something Dynamic

Leader boards, achievement badges, reward systems, points, challenges, avatars are some of the elements that are employed in Gamification. Target is the go to the next level and /or acquires a higher element. However, motivation is the underneath motif that is running along the entire process. Nevertheless, the plan is to make work/life simpler and enjoyable while at the same time igniting a fire of willingness in doing something dynamic.

The process brings about productivity by stimulating personal growth and at the same time surfaces the huddles, which was previously in a latent stage. If not treated timely, this hidden knot though not affecting the current output might mutate into unwanted cancer cell that grows like a tumor and becomes difficult to handle later with its immense size. Like the affected cell, the huddle dilates until the extent that it starts negatively affecting the work environment and the people who are genuinely interested in work. After all, one dirty fish spoils the entire pond but one clean fish is not enough to clean the dirty water.

I personally feel that organizations must strongly propel this movement of healthy gamification into the lives of employees so that they start monitoring their lives on an individual level as well. The more the employees would be self-aware, the more will be their confidence and the higher will be their productivity. Happy employees are directly proportional to the success of an enterprise, ain’t it?

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